And we’re on our way…

Map of our journey along the West Australian coast.

The RV Solander has left Broome (See where we are), steaming northwards to our study area in the Bonaparte Archipelago!

It will take us more than a day and a night (about 30 hours) to get here – Western Australia is bigger than you may think.  The red line on the map above shows you our entire journey.


Cruise Leader Karen en route to the RV Solander

Safety at sea is very important. Our Cruise Leader (Karen) makes sure everyone on board is prepared for the journey ahead. Here she is riding in an a zodiac (small inflatible boat) from the dock  in Broome to the ship.


Skipper Rob steers the ship

Our Skipper (Rob) makes sure the ship gets us where we need to be safely. Here he is in the wheelhouse, steering the ship.

And we all learn the safety rules of the ship-

All science staff attend the safety induction before we get underway.

including how to use the life raft.

In my next post, I’ll explain some of the ways we plan to explore the study area!

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