About the North West Atlas blog site.

The North West Atlas was created in response to the need for more comprehensive and accessible information on environmental and socio-economic data on the greater North West region.  As such, the North West Atlas is a web portal to not only access and share information, but to celebrate and promote the biodiversity, heritage, value, and way of life of the greater North West region.

To achieve these goals, the North West Atlas provides the infrastructure and tools to promote the free and open exchange of information to support science, policy making and public understanding of the greater North West region.

The North West Atlas project builds on the e-Atlas project for the Great Barrier Reef and the Ningaloo Atlas covering Ningaloo World Heritage Area.  It is a partnership between government organisations, non-government organisations, researchers, industry, and community groups to improve our understanding and raise awareness of the greater North West region.

Funding for the North West Atlas project has been provided by PTTEP Australasia (a wholly-owned subsidiary of PTTEP, the Thai national petroleum exploration and production company) and the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS).

The North West Atlas Blog forms part of the North West Atlas communication strategy to share information on the greater region to a wider audience.   Please feel free to contact at any time should you have any comments/suggestions for this Blog or the Ningaloo Atlas, or whether you would like to share anything on this Blog site that is related to the Ningaloo Coast.  We look forward to hearing from and sharing information with you.

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